Phonetic Alphabets

In an attempt to lighten up those tense customer telephone support moments where you have to spell things like UNIX commands or license strings letter by letter, I have been compiling my own phonetic alphabet where the letter that starts each word is silent (or at least has a different sound than the letter itself). Diseases can also be pretty funny, so I've added an alphabetic list of those, too.
Please e-mail me if you have words to add to the lists.

A       are, aye, au, aisle, AAA      
C       cue, cay, Czar           
D       double-you    
E       eye, ewe, eau, el, em, en      
F       five (handy for alpha-numeric sequences)
G       gnome, gnu         
H       heir, herb          
I       one (Roman-numeral)
J       jai alai      
K       knee
L       Chicago's version of the T, fifty (Roman-numeral)                 
M       mnemonic              
N       Ngon, Ng, Nguyen
O       oui, our, oenophile, one             
P       pneumococcus          
Q       quinoa                
S       see, sea                   
T       tao, Tsar                   
U       Uzbekistan
V       five (Roman-numeral)                     
W       why                      
X       Xena-warrior-princess, ten (Roman-numeral)
Y       you
Z       zero                      

A       Anisocoria
B       bovine spongiform encephalopathy
C       colitis
D       dermatitis
E       elephantiasis
F       Fanconi's anemia
G       gastroenteritis
H       hepatitis
I       infectious bovine rhinotracheitis
J       japanese b encephalitis
K       keratoconjunctivitis
L       left lower lobe pneumonia
M       meningitis
N       necrotizing fasciitis
O       osteochondritis
P       psoriasis            
Q       Q fever
R       retinitis
S       Sydenham's chorea
T       takayasu arteritis
U       undulant fever
V       vasculitis
W       Wegener's granulomatosis
X       xanthogranulomatous pyelonephritis
Y       yaws
Z       zinc deficiency dermatitis

Phone Numbers

Try to change up the the rythym when you say phone numbers. It's also helpful if you group pairs of numbers, for example:
617 576-0681
Sixty-one seventy-five sixty six eighty-one.


If you haven't memorized a phonetic alphabet yet, this site can help you make it sound like you have: